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Major donors

Helping you engage with major donors

Major donors can make transformative gifts which change organisations.

How do you engage with them? How do you convince them that your cause is worth supporting? How do you keep them engaged in the long term?

We can help you and your team answer these questions – and many more.

Whether you need to develop a major gift fundraising strategy from scratch, have a campaign you need to plan or simply want to fine-tune certain elements of your approach, we can help. Researching who they might be, engaging with the right fundraising case, building volunteer leadership, stewardship and working prospect pipelines is at the heart of what we do.

Analysing your current work with our Fundraising Insights Reports, training staff and volunteers in how to ask for the biggest gifts, getting senior manager and Trustees to understand major donor work is all part of the service.

We’ll work closely with you to perfect your strategy, nurture your best prospects and increase your chances of success.