Prospect Research

Our experienced research team can undertake research to find you new prospects, or provide you with in-depth information on your current prospects. We draw on information gathered over the last 20+ years, stored in the Wealth Intelligence Database, as well as a range of other sources.

New Names Service

Our New Names Service provides you with names of wealthy people, not currently connected with your organisation, but research suggests, have both the capacity to give

and an affinity to your cause. For each person, we will provide name and address and why we think they are appropriate for your cause. The selection is made based on agreed criteria that are developed with you. The aim is to find the people most likely to have an interest in your cause. 


Millionaire Next Door

If you are involved in local charities or maybe you are a national or regional charity with local activities, our Millionaire Next Door service may be right for you. Using the Wealth Intelligence Database, we can identify wealthy individuals in your community. This can be invaluable for events, providing a boost for your invitation lists where you need to expand beyond your current supporters. You simply identify the geographic area of interest and we find the people.


Prospect Briefing Notes

Our Prospect Briefing notes provide you with comprehensive information about selected individuals who have been identified as prime prospects. 

The Standard Briefing Note

Our Standard Briefing note contains much of the public domain information we have gathered on the individual since their first entry on the Wealth Intelligence Database. The information includes sources of wealth, career history, interests, clubs as well as links to charitable organisations.

The Full Briefing Note

Our Full Briefing notes are designed to provide fundraisers with the information they need prior to making an approach for a major gift. This includes in-depth information on prospect’s networks of business associates and contacts.


Due Diligence Briefings

Prospecting for Gold has developed a framework for researching prospects for due diligence purposes. These can be for individual corporate or trust prospects and focuses on reviewing key areas of risk.

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