Wealth Screening

Learn more about your supporters. By screening your database of supporters you can find potential major donors among people you already know. Wealth Screening is a very effective first step in your capital campaign.


Data Security & Transfer

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Data Screening

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Million Pound Properties

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Wealth screening is a great way to get extra value from your database – one of your charity’s most important assets. Screening your supporters against our
 Wealth Intelligence Database will identify which of your contacts have the capacity to become major donors.

The Wealth Intelligence Database contains information on over 240,000 UK-based millionaires and influential people. The information that you give us from your database is compared with ours to find potential major donors among your supporters.

Use the app below to check your organisation’s estimated match rate and see how many wealthy supporters you can find.


Check Your Match Rate

Estimated Matches


Data Security and Transfer

The transfer process is safe, secure and easy to understand. We will look after your data, keep it confidential and not use it for any other purpose than intended. It will remain in the UK at all times. Our standard data security agreement is well suited to most but customised arrangements can be made on request.

Data Upload

Your data can be uploaded online to our UK data centre for screening to begin. Our data facility is straightforward to use and easy to understand. Data is fully encrypted during transfer, ensuring that your data is always safe.  

Data Summary Report

The findings of your screening will be presented in a Data Summary Report, giving an easy to understand overview of your matched data. There is no obligation to make a purchase once you have received your results and if you are screening 5,000 or more of your supporters from the UK, the data summary report is free.

Screening Results

We can help you select the ‘best’ matches for your purpose and ensure you only buy what you can handle. We are happy to discuss your screening results with you in person or over the phone.

Wealth Tag and Snapshot Reports

You may wish to purchase Wealth Tag or Snapshot reports on the high net worth individuals identified through your screening. Wealth Tags enable you to identify which records on your database are related to wealth. Snapshots give you a fuller insight including wealth band and other attributes. 

Million Pound Properties

Our Million Pound Properties include over 200,000 properties with an estimated current value of £1 million. The estimate is based upon a known sale price and published property price indices.


What's Next?

In addition to wealth screening there are lots of other ways we can help you reach your fundraising goals:
Prospect Reseach

Prospect Research Services

We can help you can find new wealthy potential supporters for your cause and provide detailed accounts of your prospects.

Trusts and Statutory Funding

Our trusts and statutory fundraising team understand grant funding. With success in securing funds from trusts, lottery, statutory and EU sources, we can help you secure funds from the UK, Europe, the US and beyond.

Market Research

We can help you to gather insight about the stakeholders that affect and are affected by you. Find out what they want, need and believe for successful business strategy.

Fundraising Consultancy

If you need support developing your overall fundraising strategy or fine-tuning individual elements, we can help. We offer advice, information, guidance and hands-on support. Whether you need advice with your revenue needs or a capital campaign we can assist.


Our popular seminar series will teach you skills and techniques tried and tested by our experienced research team. You will learn the best ways to find millionaires and estimate wealth. The second session looks in detail at wealth screening and rating your prospects as well as making a detailed record of information before asking for a gift.

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