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Introducing the go-to dataset to find new donors

A mansion with a dark orange roof, in an autumnal setting.

We’re launching Million Pound Properties with over 800,000 properties valued at £1 million or above.

The pool of people eligible to give at a transformational level is on the rise, but do you know where to find them?

People who make up the top 1% of wealth in the UK have, on average, just 30% of their wealth in property. This means around 70% of their wealth is in either financial assets, pensions or other assets. So, knowing the value of a property is a key step to understanding someone’s overall wealth.

Introducing Million Pound Properties (MPP) — our freshly updated dataset containing over 800,000 properties valued at £1 million or above. 

MPP is for charities big and small, helping you stream supporters into different funding programmes. For example:

  • Major Gifts —  people living in ultra-high value properties.
  • High and mid-value gifts, higher value annual giving asks —  people living in high-value properties.
  • Legacy campaigns — long-term residents.

How does it work?

If you choose to undertake a wealth screening with us, we’ll automatically screen to identify Million Pound Properties matches as well. The initial screening is free of charge (for 2,000 or more records). Then, we’ll present our findings in a data summary report. This gives you a clear overview of your matched data, telling you how many high-net-worth individuals and Million Pound Properties we’ve found on your database. It also highlights possible connections to corporates and grant-making trusts