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Doing it right

Boosting public confidence by doing it right

Data protection underpins everything we do at Prospecting for Gold. We’re dedicated to doing major gifts fundraising right – and empowering the wider not-for-profit community to do it right too.

For us, doing it right means we’re constantly reviewing our ways of working to ensure we’re fully up to date and compliant with data protection legislation and other regularity requirements.

When it comes to data protection, we’re at the heart of keeping the charity sector on the straight and narrow. We guide fundraisers and prospect researchers through the labyrinth of legislation, policy and guidelines. We can help you understand what’s required by law and how you can implement this in a way that aligns with your organisation’s values and enables you to meet your fundraising goals.

We help charities recognise data protection as something positive, rather than something to be feared or to feel stressed about. By writing about it, running free webinars and offering consultancy, we help keep data protection at the top of the charity sector’s agenda.