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Pipeline management

Helping you manage your prospect pipeline

To make a success of major gift fundraising, you need a strong prospect pipeline. We can help you work out how many prospects you actually need – and where to find them.

Step one in managing your prospect pipeline is understanding your fundraising target. We’ll help you think about what you want to achieve with your fundraising in the long term and how the money will be spent.

We’re big fans of the table of gifts at Prospecting for Gold. We think it’s an essential step in effective major gift fundraising, because if you’ve got to grips with the size and scale of the gifts you need to hit your fundraising goal, you’ll be able to work out how many prospects you need. A table of gifts really can transform your planning – and we’ll guide you through putting one together.

Next, we’ll help you rank and rate your prospects. What category do they fall in to? Are they cool? Lukewarm? Hot? We’ll talk you through six prospect categories – from cold to red hot. Using our Prospect Pipeline Model, we will help you identify as many warm and hot prospects as possible.