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Free fundraising consultancy sesssion

Are you aiming to raise £2 million or more through major gift fundraising over the next five years? Are you planning a capital campaign?

We can help you get started with a free half day of fundraising consultancy. This typically involves meeting with up to 16 people from your organisation, including trustees, senior staff and key supporters.

Getting ready

Before we meet, we’ll send you a questionnaire that takes around two to three hours to complete. This means we can be well prepared for the session and helps you to get the most out of it.

A typical session

We can meet you in person or online, usually for around three hours. We aim to tailor the session to your needs, but we generally cover:

  1. Introductions and background to the meeting
  2. The main elements of your major donor fundraising  or capital campaign
  3. Creating a robust fundraising case to present to prospective donors
  4. Who might give to your organisation?
  5. Fundraising leadership – volunteers and staff
  6. Approaching a fundraising plan and timetable
  7. How much will it cost and what are the risks?
  8. Agreeing next steps

Is it really free?

Yes, it’s completely free, aside from subsistence and travel expenses if one of our consultants has to travel more than 50 miles.