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Five well-known faces championing mental health in the UK

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Mental Health Awareness Week is held annually in May. To show our support for this important topic, we’re looking at the work of some well-known figures in the UK who support mental health causes.

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Dame Kelly Holmes

Olympic gold medalist and retired middle-distance runner Dame Kelly Holmes has been championing mental health for almost two decades.

Holmes founded the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust in 2008 to improve the health and wellbeing of young people across the UK who face challenges in their everyday lives. 

She speaks openly about her mental health struggles. The pressure of performing at an Olympic level led to a breakdown before the 2004 Olympics and a diagnosis of depression.

Jamie Oliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has improved the wellbeing of schoolchildren all over the UK by introducing them to healthier food options through his Feed Me Better campaign.

He’s committed to creating a happier, healthier workplace at the Jamie Oliver Group. He has heavily invested in mental health training for staff so that everyone feels safe discussing mental health issues and asking for help when needed. He’s spoken openly about his mental health and how lonely success can be.

Ferne Cotton

Broadcaster, author, and podcast host Ferne Cotton started her career as a children’s television presenter for GMTV, CITV, and CBBC. In 2018, she launched the podcast Happy Place, championing wellbeing, connection, and mental health.

    Cotton is a champion for mental health. She has also spoken about her own journey and interviewed countless celebrities about how they manage their struggles to find their happy place. Cotton is also an Ambassador for Mind and The Prince’s Trust.

    Cathy Newman

    Journalist, broadcaster, and author Cathy Newman, the well-known presenter of Channel 4 News, started her career as a newspaper journalist.

      Newman has been an ambassador for Young Minds since 2017. She wants to get mental health on the news agenda and is passionate about improving young people’s mental wellbeing.

      Hussain Manawer

      Poet, author, and producer Hussain Manawer set a Guinness World Record in March 2017 by teaching the world’s largest mental health lesson. 

        He’s been an ambassador for the Samaritans for many years. He supports their annual mental health awareness campaigns, speaking openly about loneliness and encouraging men to talk and support each other.

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